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Green Screen


Green Screen Technology can help you build your brand and walk into the world of imagination!

How does green screen work?   We shoot a photo or video of your guests in front of a green backdrop, and in the computer we replace the green background with a graphic, video clip or still image of your choice!  Just like in the movies!For example: If your group doesn’t have time to go to the world famous Las Vegas sign…no worries! With green screen technology we can photograph your meeting attendees in front of the green screen and superimpose them anywhere you like! Build your company brand or maximize the theme of your event by incorporating your logo into the final photo. It is a great interactive activity for your next tradeshow, party or gala event. Stir up conversations and create keep-sakes that will stay on your customer’s desk for years! Add Showgirls or look-a-like celebrity impersonators! The sky is the limit with green screen!

Our photographers can print on site and produce the final photo within minutes of posing! If you are looking for fun at your next meeting or event and a chance to maximize your meeting ROI, setting up the green screen and printing your custom backdrop is a real hit with meeting attendees!

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